EIG MOLDING ​Division of EI GLobal Group LLC

Professional mold flow analysis can figure out mold defects that may exist in advance, save your cost on plastic injection mold testing and modifiaction.  Optimization plastic injection solutions to help to determine the best hot runner position and help to identify whether there is any shrinkage, combined withthe location of the line, reduce deformation, and can also improve the cooling efficiency and shorten the injection molding cycle time as much as possible.  (Big advantage to high volume productions

We manage productions from as a little as a few hundred pieces up to million of units utilizing different production processes depending on the customer requirements.  In some cases we outsource different types of productions if the project specifics call for it. With our 25+ years of experience, and local management we can safely manage these different productions, assembly, kitting,, packaging, etc.  We can provide finished retail product, or machine parts ready for assembly. We are full service firm that can manage all your needs,  Call or email us today to find out more.  We are constantly adding new machines and services.  

Plastic injection molding service, injection molding service, injection molding services, plastic molding service, customer molding services, all service plastic molding are all pretty much the same, but if you search these topics you should hopefully find EIG Molds and will give us a call.  No production is to big, China Prices with USA quality standards. 

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We believe in high quality molds or plastic parts start with great mold design.  Therefore we pay close attention to the plastic mold construction, gates, runners, cooling channels and mechanisms to ensure the best solutions are developed and used.  We work closely with the customer to determine details such as mold steel, mold accessories standards, raw material selection, etc.  Constructive suggestions are always made on behalf of you our customers.  All molds are designs to maximize the life and functionality to exceed your expectations.  We review both internally as well as with you the customer the proposed part design, suggested optimization to identify the best solutions to achieve your project goals.  Customers approve all final designs and layouts.