EIG MOLDING ​Division of EI GLobal Group LLC


We can manage your logistics or simply supply your products FOB Factory 

Quality Controls

Fully integrated quality control procedures from start to finish from the mold design to the final completed packaged components.

Mold Making and Design

Objectives and capabilities of our team in development as well as cost analysis, for molds, materials, and prod. 


Mold Manufacturing and production management

Once we have completed your molds as per your design we are able to mass produce your products using strict quality controls to maintain your costs and required delivery requirements. Production sizes can range from a few hundred pieces all the way up into the millions. We can create molds with multiple cavities, to increase production time, or produce multiple molds that can run on seperate machines.  We build molds that last, and that can be cost effficient by reducing cycle times.  We can also review with you different types of plastics that may reduce your cost or possibly increase your performance of your product through appearance, or functionality.


Our mold making room is fully equipped to manufacture custom plastic molds and machined steel parts in house. Mold bases are supplied by LKM, and treated as per customer specifications.  We have produced thousands of molds over the years for many different industries including but not limited to the automobile industry, toy industry, furniture industry, many consumer packaged good companies, as well as electronics companies.



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We can supply your products FOB the factory or arrange delivery to your door.  We provide services and products to clients  located in the USA, the EU, Australia, and Latin America. However we can ship anywhere in the world via ocean freight, air freight, as well as FedEx, or UPS.  We can help you evaluate your options based on cost, as well as delivery expectations.


Production and Assembly

We are a one stop shop for all your production needs.