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EIG Molds, is part of a larger organization known as EI Global Group LLC, but it has a focus on mold manufacturing of which we export 70%  of our molds.  Part of EIG Molds services include mold design, plastic injection molds, compression mold, die casting, and stamping mold.   Prototypes (CNC prototype, SLA, and Vacuum casting.  Rapid prototyping and tooling is also available in the United States (Miami Florida).  The costs are very different, but it is helpful for complicated items and designs.  

If you are working with EIG Molds or another Mold manufacturer remember to discuss the specific deliverable items you will receive and the timelines.  Simple plastic molded parts, or small plastic parts can often be put into the same molds, to reduce costs on the molds as well as production.  So it is a good idea to also discuss your objectives, and estimated production volume you will require so as to make sure you are prepared.  Molding plastic parts is often just a part of the final product.  Many customers require assembly, kitting, special packaging for retail, or wholesale markets.  These details can get complicated, but don't have to with a proper plan in place.  EIG molds can supply or all the different components to give you a completed finished product delivered to warehouse.   There are hundreds if not thousands of plastic injection suppliers to select from, but few full service firms with USA standards, and China prices.   

-Frank Lundan 

Although we rarely add to the blog page on our website as we are, always busy working in our business making sure all orders are completed 100% correct and in a timely fashion, I would like to use this space today for self promotion bragging rights.   EIG molds has had a tremendous year, producing lots of new exciting items for our clients in fields such as Consumer retail products such as Toys,  Household goods, mobile accessories,  and kitchen items, but most of all bottles, and packaging are an area we have grown tremendously.  We also have increased our production in component manufacturing for computer, and printer manufacturers.  What does this all mean, not much accept we are continuing our progress to be a market leader with overall production volume , quality control systems, with competitive price and custom solutions.  Plastic mold injection productions continue to grow 24% yoy, while our mold production services are increasing at 30% yoy.  While this is great for us, it is also great for you because we have been able to continually add experienced staff to manage all the small details that make us special.   Some of our new services include filling, and assembly of consumer OTC products such as Cremes, lotions, fragrances, body sprays, etc.  While this is not the focus on our website I thought I would start to mention it.  So if you need blow molding, injection molding, rotary molding, or even extruded, we can help.  IN fact we are expanding several different production categories with a focus of cost savings, faster production, and controlled assembly.

Give us a call, and let me know how we can help.  Thanks for listening.


Plastic Injection Molding To Produce Large Volumes Of Plastic Parts Simultaneously

Plastic injection molding is an effective method for producing plastic parts of different shapes and sizes. In the process, melted plastic is forced into a mold and is allowed to cool. The end product that results out of this process is a plastic part of a specific shape. The method of injection plastic molding is becoming quite popular owing to its ability to produce plastic parts that are too expensive or complex to be made by machine. The method can be used to manufacture many parts at the same time, with the same mold.

Few of the companies that use plastic injection molding to manufacture plastic parts use your prototype idea into manufacturing, delivery, finishing, and delivery. These companies have experienced and trained engineers, toolmakers, and designers who collaborate with the client in designing the concept, creating the prototype, and finally the manufacturing of the real custom mold.

You should choose a company that is flexible, customer-driven, and fast. If you want faster turnaround and large volumes, you also need to make sure that the injection molding manufacturing company has a state-of-the-art facility with machines that can produce a large quantity of molds in less time.

If you haven't found such a company yet, you need not look any further. EIG Molding is the right company that will help you in mold manufacturing, production management, and logistics of produced material as well.

Ok, So the above blog link is a great resource for the industry, to learn about new technologies and the latest and greatest.  However the process of plastic injection molding (moulding) has some basic fundamentals.  In selecting a partner/ vendor for production you need to consider what stage you are in the process.  Are you ready to send over your finished files to your mold manufacturer.  If so, do you know what kind of mold you need, and what the life expectancy of the mold you are buying is.  How tight are you tolerances for production.  Plastic material expands and contracts during the production process so good design is critical to this.  Many contract or custom plastic injection molding companies, don't have the engineers on staff to deal with these issues.  Make sure you find full or All Service plastic molding company that can work through these challenges.  Many USA plastic injection molding companies are either very expensive or can be very challenging to work with.  The reason is they either don't have the experts on staff, or often that look to take advantage of young companies that don't realize or understand the differences in the materials or processes.  Even if you don't want to use EIG Molds, please feel free to contact us and we are more then happy to educate you on the process.  If you spent the time to read this, then feel free to contact me directly or call 561-999-8989


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